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Defending York Through the Ages (KS2)

Kids with shields and swords on York Bar WallsThis hands-on, entertaining workshop will focus on the evolution of siege warfare through the ages, from Roman times through to the English Civil War, with an emphasis on the development of city fortifications during the medieval period. Particular attention will be paid to armour, arms and methods of warfare, and pupils will gain an insight into the experience of a siege from the contrasting points of view of both attackers and defenders.

Defending York Through the Ages (KS3)

Explore the development ofYork’s fortifications and the tumultuous history of the conflicts the city has faced in this thought-provoking workshop. Students will consider the cause and effect of conflicts throughout history and explore the different ways in which a city can be defended. The workshop will have a particular focus on the impact of the Wars of the Roses on city life and the steps taken to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. It will also look at the evolution of siege warfare, and the events of the Siege of York during the English Civil War.

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