From Monk Bar, a medieval fortress securing York’s city walls, to Micklegate Bar, the gateway of kings and queens… take a trip back in time and discover the story of medieval York, from the reign of Richard III through to King Henry VII.
School group dressed in medieval clothing at Barley Hall, York. Part of the JORVIK Group

A trip to the Richard III Experience at Monk Bar and the Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar is a must for any student of medieval history. Our Education programme enables you and your class to learn about the influential reigns of Richard III and Henry VII, the events of the Wars of the Roses and the impact that this turbulent period of history had on the medieval city of York and its inhabitants.

By exploring two of York’s major monuments, Monk Bar and Micklegate Bar, you and your class can also discover the role they played in York’s medieval past, and how their history was shaped by the strife and ceremony of this period of conflict.

JORVIK Group Learning Programme 2017/18